Do smartphone users actually download apps?

Apparently not according to the latest study by ComScore, they found that 65.5% of smartphone owners didn’t download a single app in the last 3 months. 8.4% only downloaded just 1 app and 8.9% downloaded 2 apps with a mere 2.4% of those asked installing 8 apps or more. This means that just 7% of smartphone owners account for nearly half of all downloads.

This isn’t because smartphone owners don’t like installing new apps its just that the big companies such as Facebook and Youtube take up the majority of users time and attention. The new kids on the app block find it hard to make an impact and convince users to download their apps. The majority of all smartphone owners use apps but 42% of all the time spent on apps is spent on their most used apps according to the ComScore report.


From a users perspective it can be hard to discover new apps due to the difficult navigation of the Apple, Google and Amazon app store but also due to the fact that these apps don’t make the big headline news. It appears that most of us stick to the names and brands we know rather than taking a gamble on an undiscovered app.

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