’s privacy policy ensures that any information obtained from its customers is not compromised. The measures incorporated for this purpose are detailed below. We, however, retain the right to add, modify, or delete any of these safeguards, to comply with any laws, regulations and rules. We may also change some or all of these privacy conditions from time to time if we feel it is necessary to do so.

1. Collection of Customer Information

We collect our customer’s name, email id, telephone or mobile number, age, address, etc. We also collect other information such as the kind of technologies that interest our customers. This information helps us to send only relevant details to you. Our system maintains a record of such details and then processes it internally. We may also use this information to send some promotional emails about products and technologies in which you show interest.

2. Implementation of Cookies

We collect information from cookies that we place on user’s computer. These cookies collect information about your transaction records without your knowledge. It does not occupy much space on your computer. The cookie file, however, asks your permission for residing on your computer. Once the prospective customer grants this permission,’s cookie installs itself without the user having to do anything further. This cookie also makes browsing of our site easier by generating responses as per your needs. The web applications on the website bring up features as per your interests, which are assessed, based on information on these cookies. These cookies note your visits to each page of the website and indicate which page was frequented more often than the rest. Contrary to popular belief, cookies do not allow us to access other information on your computer. We collect only the data relevant to our website with this. You are at liberty, to refuse installation of our cookie on your computer.

3. Accessing Others Links from Our Website

This privacy policy is only valid so long as you are on our website. There can be other links included within our web pages, and there may be relevant ad links also that may come up from time to time on these pages. We will not be liable for your information being compromised when you visit those advertisements and links. In other words, visits to such links and advertisements, even if they appear on our web pages are not covered under our privacy policy. We request you to read the privacy policies of such third parties before furnishing any personal details.

4. Security of Client’s Information

We have installed latest electronic software applications, and hardware devices to keep the information provided by you completely secure. We also have managerial systems to ensure that there are no lapses in such security on our part.

5. Satisfaction with Our Data Security Methods

Your acceptance of our privacy policy is conclusive evidence that you are satisfied with our methods of securing your data based on which we have moved towards our merchant customer relationship. We assure the information gathered from you will only be used to improve your satisfaction with our services, and security.

6. Miscellaneous Matters

This policy is for offering best services to our customers. Changes, if any, will be promptly notified. You are also requested to visit the site’s latest terms and conditions periodically, as well as the privacy policy apart from browsing for new products that may be added from time to time.

7. Contact Us

In the event you have any queries about or issues relating to this privacy policy, you may contact us for relevant clarifications and complaints.