Instagram gets QR Code Feature to Share Profile

Instagram announced the launch of its own QR Codes. The new codes work similarly to “Name Tags”, directing people to the profile of users or brands, but have a layout that resembles common QR Codes, which facilitates identification even by people who do not have the social network.

The QR Codes also aim to help companies that want to expand their digital presence and/or prepare to reopen their physical locations.

In 2018, Instagram launched the so-called “name tag” as a kind of customizable card. In 2019, the company launched support for QR Codes in Japan, which will now be the replacement for the oldest resource in the world.

The new QR Codes have small Instagram marks to signal that image will lead to a social network profile. The way to accessing the QR Code itself in the application remains the same, via the account settings menu for each profile, in the “QR Code” section. You can change Name Tags as well as  the background color to customize the code, using colored degradés.

How to access the QR code in Instagram

All users can access their own QR Codes via the menu of their respective profiles. If the user wishes to download their QR code, simply access the dedicated web page.

Instagram explains that it is also possible to find the QR Code itself from the computer at There, the user can change the background color of the code and download the image in high quality to print on flyers or posters, for example.

How to read a QR code in Instagram

There are 3 ways to read a QR Code:

  • Open the Stories camera, keep the viewfinder focused on the QR Code;
  • Open the camera specific to the Instagram QR Code and point to a code. To access this tool, users should access Settings in their profile and select the “QR Code” option. With it, you can also upload an image containing a QR Code;
  • Use any third-party camera with support for reading QR Code. Reading the QR Code will lead people to the user or company profile. Those who do not have the social network application installed will be directed to the web version of Instagram.

To read the new Instagram codes, the user can use the Stories camera, the existing QR Codes camera in each social network profile, or the mobile phone camera itself. After reading, if the person has the Instagram application installed on the device, it will be directed to the user or company profile within the social network. If you do not have the app, it will be taken to the Instagram website in your browser.

“QR Codes support on the platform will allow people to check the store’s updated schedule, buy products or services, and seek more information about the brand,” the social network explained in a statement.

“We will continue to create products to help them be discovered, connect with people and support them as they seek new ways to reach their communities,” the statement said.


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