Polar Launches New Vantage M and Vantage V Smartwatches

Polar Electro or globally recognized as Polar, was the first company that came up with the idea and the product that could monitor the heart rate. The first wireless heart rate monitor and other specialized product for the athletes made it famous and reputed for such most wanted products, especially today. After nearly 36 years of accurate service, the company came up with two new products namely Polar Vantage M and V smartwatches.

Polar Vantage Series Premium Multisport GPS Watches


These new watches are best for the professionals and those who want to train like a pro. The watches are equipped with loads of features that can help you recover your body from exhaustion and it also provides a recovery feedback. Some of the features include running power, swimming metrics (since it’s completely waterproof), calorie counter, running program, running index, sleep tracking, continuous heart rate monitoring and much more. This all makes sure that you don’t lose track of yourself and of course time no matter where you go or whatever you do. Even in the most intense conditions every sensor will work up to the mark.

Both include a Training Load Pro system that will give you an insight into your workout and also tell you whether you are overreaching or you need to increase the intensity as it is the specialty of the pro oriented Vantage and the company to tackle the competition by providing features that has never been introduced before and it always works really well. The two watches aim for more and more accurate heart rate monitoring by using multi layer optical sensing, electrodes and accelerometer. The company has claimed that users will also get running power data that will help you with more intensified strides and there will even prolonged battery life in both the products.

Along with all these exciting new features also comes not so exciting price. The Vantage M sells for $280 while Vantage V is up for $500 and $550 for an external heart rate monitor. That’s going to be intense on the wallet. It is advisable that if you are a pro and really wish to train yourself as pro then only you should go for it. Otherwise if you have enough to spend on fitness then there is nothing wrong in getting the best smartwatches that’s out there to help you stay fit.

This cutting edge sports tech for multi sports and triathlon training will help you in finding the best of your ability. It helps you to find balance between training and rest and to stay injury-free. There are a lot of “claimed” similar products in the market as people grow more health conscious but the best product doesn’t always need to show how genuine it is. So, if you really want to train like a professional then absolutely, without any further delay, go for the Polar Vantage M and V according to your budget, they are the best ones out there. You won’t regret anything.

Source : https://www.polar.com/vantage

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