Best Android Apps to Learn English Easily

Language learning is a like learning a new skill. One doesn’t have to be a genius to learn a new language like Spanish, German or Japanese . Constant practice with spaced repetition learning can help you learn new languages. The Google Play Store has some excellent English learning apps. Some are intuitive spaced repetition technique-based apps. While some others focus on vocabulary and grammar. The widespread use of English has made it a very important language. Most of the world speaks in English. The rest have to translate their works into English to reach a wider audience. Thus, clear understanding of the language is crucial for students and employees.

Now you can follow any method you like to learn the language of your choice. There are hundreds of apps on the Play Store but these apps are among the most used. They have all the necessary content to help you get started with the basics. The communities around the apps further help you get necessary help while learning.

The Top English Learning Apps for Android

1. Hello English

Hello English : Learn English

Hello English is one of the bet English language learning apps on the Play Store. It has more than 24 million language learners on its web and mobile apps. It supports dozens of languages and focuses on grammar and vocabulary building. All its lessons are interactive and 100% free.

The app supports offline usage and encourages users to download all content. Right now, the app has more than 475 interactive lessons. It has gamified language learning by including vocabulary and grammar games. You can discuss with teachers and ask questions whenever you have a doubt. It further enhances learning by allowing users to learn from latest news articles. You can also improve your spoken English skills by speaking to the app. Your rank further shows your skills compared to other users on the app.


2. Duolingo

Duolingo is a very popular language learning app for a lot of languages. You can learn more than 21 languages along with English. Users can practice their skills with the help of inbuilt language games. The games focus on improving your reading, speaking and comprehension skills. Interactive tests in the app help you improve your grammar and vocabulary skills.

All its lessons are short and take a few minutes to complete. The interface and the gamified learning system is addictive to constant users. Spaced repetitive learning embedded into its games further decreases the traditional learning curve. Duolingo also offers a tiny flashcard app that serves as a companion to learning. You can use the flashcards to revise your lessons and improve your retention. It ranked as the Best of 2013 and 2014 on Google Play Store.


3. Bussu

Learn to speak English with busuu

Bussu is a community and content-based language learning app. Along with a vibrant community of users, it offers a huge library of content to language learners. The community members correct your English language speaking and writing exercises.

Busuu also allows you to teach your native language to other community members. You can learn up to 12 major language with the app. All courses can run offline and are accessible everywhere. It positions itself as a strong language learning social network.

The app has a placement test that allows you to begin learning at the right difficulty level. You can also get certified with Mc-Graw Hill Education after you complete your course. The app’s desktop application allows you to learn from news articles. You can ask your community to correct your submitted content.


4. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone - Learn to Speak & Read New Languages

Rosetta Stone is a used app for language learning. It offers dozens of languages for all stages of users. It uses the association method of learning. Users associate words with images to learn new concepts. It explores a natural and intuitive way of learning a language.

It doesn’t rely on translation-based learning. You can download all your lessons in your native language. The app supports offline usage. It has its own speech recognition technology to check user accent. It uses an immersion method to help you learn grammar and vocabulary. English learning app emphasizes a strong foundation in the language. It also offers real life examples of conversations. The course takes you on a journey from discovery to expertise. It has a clean user interface and supports all devices. The website has more resources for language learners.


5. Memrise

This is the most advanced language learning app on the Play Store. The app has almost all features necessary to learn a language. It won the Google Play I/O Best App Of 2017. It was featured as an Editor’s Choice and Top Developer. Most of its advanced features are only available in the paid subscription. The app has advanced chatbots that correct your English language.

Memrise app improves your listening skills and reading speed with innovative games. You can learn to speak like a local by recording your voice and comparing it. Memrise provides alternative apps supporting it to help users learn from an ecosystem. It has a dedicated community of users who help every time you get stuck. The paid version has features that are rarely available in other apps. The app should be a one-stop learning solution for all users.


6. Beelinguapp

Beelinguapp Learn Languages with Audio Books

The Beelinguapp offers quite a different approach to language learning. It helps you learn a language with the help of audio books. You learn to read text side by side. Stories in the audio help you learn languages in great efficiency. Spaced repetitive learning along with fun games on the stories help you understand. Most of the stories are children’s short stories. Thus, you rarely ever find complicated words and sentences. This helps you understand the context of each word and how it is used in a sentence.

It has a huge library of content and allows users to download and learn offline. Efficient categorization further helps in choosing what you want to learn. This keeps your learning interesting while engaging you with stories. Suggestions and lessons are available based on your skill level.


7. Hello Talk

HelloTalk - Chat, Speak & Learn Foreign Languages

Hello Talk takes language learning to another level with community-based learning method. The app connects you with language learners from all over the world. The huge social network is then unleashed when users teach each other their own language. It supports hundreds of languages. You search for people whose needs match yours and connect with them. You can also use free audio and video calls to connect and practice with your friends.

The Moment’s feature allows you to ask questions about cultures to the public in general. The app focuses on communication instead of curriculum and is thus more engaging. Real-time conversation and exchanges with people increases your attention to detail. It further helps you learn on a social level instead of following a bookish approach. It has a diverse community of users and thus is the most effective app on the Play Store.


Characteristics of An Ideal Language Learning App

Language learning happens in stages. The first step is understanding and remembering the necessary vocabulary. Grammar and real-life usage are the next stages. Accent training comes at last. English, like most languages has dozens of accents. The American and the British English are the most used variants. Most language learning apps focus on an international standard. This allows students to grasp basics of the language before learning its quirks. The students undergo literature studies.

Literature eases the language learning curve with stories. Contextual use of words and expressions is important to use a language in daily life. Mobile apps have managed to connect people from all the world who teach languages to each other. Mobile apps like Tandem and HelloTalk thrive because of their communities. Apps like Hello English and Duolingo have rich resources for students of all stages. Learning a language gets easier when all aspects are available at your fingertip. The Google Play Store has some of the best apps for learning any language. The apps help you get started with basic vocabulary and sentences to help you get a basic idea. Their thriving community further helps you learn and understand complicated topics and phrases. Some of the best apps for learning the English Language are reviewed below.


You should start with Hello English and Duolingo to understand the basics. Then apps like Busuu will help you learn firsthand with its community. Then apps like Memrise help you practice your language skills. You should go with Hello Talk when you are comfortable with conversational English. This will help you form a general understanding of the language. Then practicing the basics will help you form ideas in English.

You can then move on to real life usage while talking with native speakers from all over the world. It will help you understand what they are trying to explain and further enhance your skills. It should not take more than 2-3 months of dedicated practice to become comfortable in a language. Moreover, everyone has their own learning speed. Practicing a language with native speakers will ease the learning curve. It will also help you understand practical usage of words and phrases.