6 Best Video Calling Apps for Slow Internet Connection

Do you like video calling with your friends and family? It seems that you have a sophisticated smartphone, but your internet connection is quite slow for video calling. This is really annoying when you call your friends but you cannot see their images clearly and the voice is also interrupted. You cannot make the internet connection fast, but you can still video call your friends using some best video calling apps for slow internet connection. These video calling apps are compatible with Android smartphone, IOS, and Windows Phone where you can download them in each app store. Here are some of the video calling apps that you can try over slow internet connection.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger is considered as the best video calling app that you can download and it is compatible with all kinds of smartphones. You can download Messenger in Google Play Store or download it in the APP Store for IOS user. This Messenger uses a Facebook account to log in and it is also integrated with the Facebook app as well. You need to add your friend’s Facebook account if you want to start video calling. Fortunately, the Messenger is really comfortable for slow connection because it can automatically adjust the connection with the image quality. Even though the image will look a bit blurry, the voice quality is still good and no connection loss either. When your connection is back to normal and fast, the image will automatically become clear and no delay. Overall, Messenger can be your good choice to get convenient video calling experience with your friends and family members in the distant area.

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Skype is one of the most popular video calling apps that has been available since many years ago. Facebook Messenger is a new video calling app, but Skype seems to have more experience than the Messenger. Therefore, Skype can also be the best choice if you want to download the Video Calling app for slow internet connection. This app is also compatible with any operating systems whether you use Android, IOS, and Windows Phone. Skype is owned by Microsoft and certainly, this video calling app is also compatible with all the Windows Operating Systems. Basically, Skype is designed for video calling purpose and it is free if you video call peer to peer with your friends. But, you will be charged if you want to video call in a grouping or more than one person. Luckily, Skype is also good enough for slow connection but it is not as good as Messenger when dealing with voice quality on the slow internet.

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WhatsApp is an online chatting app that is owned by Facebook, Inc, but Whatsapp is not integrated with Facebook account. It is really simple when you use Whatsapp for video calling. You only need to register your phone number. After that, you can video call your friend using Whatsapp but your friend must also register their phone number to receive the call. Whatsapp is now also becoming the best video calling app that is available for Android, IOS, and Windows Phone. Even though Whatsapp was just released one year ago, but it can give a really great video calling quality despite your internet is slow enough. If your connection is too slow and the video calling cannot be performed, then you can still make a voice call.

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Another option if you want to download the best video calling app for slow connection, then you can also choose Hangouts. Hangouts is developed by Google Inc and Hangout is not only providing a video call service, but it also has text chatting and voice calling service. You only need to have Google Account if you want to use this video calling service. Fortunately, if your connection is not too good or slow enough, you can still make a video calling but the quality of the video will be not as good as when you have a good connection. At least, you can talk to each other despite the image is a bit blurry. However, Hangouts is not as good as Messenger when the connection suddenly slows down. Google Hangouts sometimes will be disconnected when the connection becomes too slow and you need to call your friend again.

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IMO is also a good choice if you want to download a video calling app for a slow connection. This app is just similar to other chatting app that provides text chatting, voice calling, and video calling. You can also share pictures with your friends. Using IMO, you can also make a group video call. Luckily, you can use this IMO app to video call despite your connection is slow. It seems that IMO has a good server to solve slow connection. However, the image will be bit blurry when your connection is slow. Another good thing from Imo is the voice quality. IMO is as good as Messenger when dealing with voice quality. The voice produced when you use it for video calling is clear and no delay.

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The next choice of the best video calling app that you can download on your smartphone is WeChat. WeChat is similar to other kinds of social media chatting service like Line and Kakao Talk, but WeChat has a better performance in dealing with video calling with a slow connection. This app is really good if you want to find some friends around you using GPS feature. Once you have a friend on the contact, then you can start video calling. Even though it is not as good as Skype and Messenger in dealing with a slow connection video calling, this app is better than other video calling apps. WeChat has a better server to deal with a slow connection, even it is better than Line according to the author’s experience.

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Final Thoughts
Well, those are six best video calling apps that you can download on your smartphone. In fact, there are other video calling apps that you can still use but they may not work when your connection is slow. Still, Facebook Messenger is still the best one when dealing with slow connection according to the author’s experience. Maybe, you have a different experience or you prefer other video calling apps to download.

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