Systweak Photo Noise Reducer Pro Review


There is a serious limitation to smartphone cameras. The quality of the images clicked in low-light conditions is not as good as one would want it to be.

You may find it interesting that increasing “megapixels” has little or no effect on the quality of the images if the size of the “sensor” remains the same. So, before buying a phone or a camera, don’t bet everything on megapixels.

So this comes as no surprise that your dear smartphone with high hardware specifications may sometimes click grainy or noisy photos containing tiny colourful speckles. The only way out? Get a third-party app that could reduce noise.

Today we have Photo Noise Reducer Pro, an app developed by Systweak Software. We have picked this application because it is free and it looked like a really handy tool. Can it pull off what it claims? Let’s find out:

First Look


A very simple home screen greets us as soon as we open launch the application. There are two options on the home screen, Camera and Gallery. The interface is simple and well-designed. You just need to select a photo, tap once or twice, and you’re done.

How It Works?


You must tap on the Gallery option to select any picture from which you want to remove noise. A screen previewing the selected picture will open. You can apply any of the three modes of noise reduction: Light, Medium, or Custom.

Light mode can be used for removing noise from not-so-noisy pictures, and Medium is for grainier photographs. Light and Medium are pre-set modes for making pictures noise-free, and if you want to remove noise according to your requirement, you can use Custom mode. Using its slider, you can fix the image as per the level of noise present in it.

We tested the app using one grainy photo that desperately needed touch-up. The results were significantly better than what we had expected from an automatic photo noise reducer app.

Light and Medium modes work perfectly for almost 90 percent of the photographs, and you may feel the need of using custom mode only when a photo is clicked in a really bad or uneven light conditions.

In case if you still notice the noise after using any of the modes, you can always use Smooth, a slider that rests along the bottom of the app’s screen. Adjusting the slider smoothens the image.

One can access the camera from the app only. The advantage is, clicked photos can be checked for noise instantly. The snap can be saved to gallery after you de-noise it.

Download Photo Noise Reducer Pro


If you want to stay away from repeatedly clicking the perfect noiseless picture, this app will really come in handy. The results are superb, the interface is simple and it takes a few seconds to remove annoying colourful dots from any digital photograph. And, it is free and ad-free! These are enough reasons for us to tell you that you cannot go wrong downloading this app from the Google Play Store.