Best Text and Code Editor Apps for Android

Over the years Android has become a full-fledged operating system comparable to major desktop operating systems like Windows, Linux and Mac. Thousands of devices of different screen sizes are powered by Android. This allows users to use their devices for many tasks done on laptops and desktops.

text editor apps

Code and Text editors allow users to edit code or text on android devices. Some code editors function as integrated development environments. Some others only support text and markdown syntax. These apps allow great flexibility in writing or editing with features like backups and online synchronization. Here are a few of the best android code and text editors available for your android device.

Top Android Text Editors

1. IA Writer

IA Writer focuses on simplicity to offer a focused writing environment for writers. It has excellent options for preview with MultiMarkdown support and clear formatting. It also has an inbuilt file browser to help organize and access your files.

The layout and user experience aim to help you better concentrate on your work. It integrates with Google Drive, Dropbox and others to help you access your documents on any possible device. Its preview options are also quite better than the alternatives. Moreover, it also helps you publish to Medium from within the app.


2. Monospace

Monospace is the only minimalist android text editor with a clean interface built to take quick notes in text files. This text editor for Android sheds down all advanced features to help you focus on the minimal features and produce content instead of focusing on formatting and other complexities.

Although it doesn’t help support markdown syntax, you can export your text files to markdown. It introduces an efficient hashtag-based system like Evernote to categorize your text files. The app manages all file organization depending on your tags.


3.Writer Plus

Writer Plus is a performance focused text editor that helps you take down notes. It helps you organize your files in your own folders. Writer Plus text editor app supports keyboard shortcuts and the material design interface makes the app intuitive.

It also uses limited resources to cut battery usage and increase performance. It is a perfect application for performance focused people who need markdown support for their notes and text files.


4. JotterPad


Jotterpad is a distraction free editor with minimal functionality for creative writers. It is ideal for screenplays, poems, lyrics and essays with beautiful typography and formatting options. JotterPad connects to all major cloud-based storage systems like Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive. It synchronizes whenever you’re online.

It also has a built-in dictionary and thesaurus that can help you improve your writing by simplifying your words and phrases. Unlike other editor apps, it allows you to export to PDF, Doc and RTF files. Yet most of its advanced features are only available on its paid plans.


5. Pure Writer

Pure Writer focuses on performance and reliability. It auto saves your work every time you use and thus helps you recover your texts even when they are lost, deleted or when your phone switches off. Its efficient backup system helps you use the app without any fear of losing your written content. Pure Writer text editing app also provides a Trash folder so all your deleted files can be recovered at any instant. Its cloud backup feature requires WebDav but the app synchronizes the whole database every time you’re online.


Top Android Code Editors

1. DroidEdit

DroidEdit is one of the most advanced code editors on Google Play Store. Its free to use and supports all major programming languages with syntax highlighting. Users can also change the interface with the available colour themes. Like most integrated development environments, DroidEdit also has Auto Block Indentation, Regex Search and Replace, Session Management, Character Encoding Support, Keyboard Shortcuts and direct integration with Dropbox. Its Pro version adds more features and is ideal for advanced programmers.


2. AWD

AWD or Android Web Designers is the most ideal development environment for web development on Android. It supports PHP, HTML, CSS, JSON and Javascript. It is built for Android tablets and offers an intuitive interface for mobile users. Integrated features like FTP, SFTP, FTPS and Webdav allows you to work with projects on your server. It has inbuilt code completion and error checking that simplifies developer effort. Quick navigation integration with Git further makes it one of the best code editors. You can opt for an Ad-free experience and numerous other features with its full version.


3. Quoda Code Editor

Quoda is another contender to the throne as it provides many features found in paid version of other code editing apps. Along with code completion and syntax highlighting, Quoda also has snippet integration that allows users to use existing snippets to increase productivity. It supports Google Drive and Dropbox integration along with Google Apps Script and SFTP for external servers.


4. Turbo Editor

Turbo Editor is the most powerful and open source editor on this list. It is optimized for both tablets and smartphones. Editor app has the richest feature set and resembles a powerful integrated development environment like Jetbrains for the desktop computers.

It is the go-to editor for most developers on android devices as it supports syntax highlighting for most programming languages. Editor is built on Google’s Material Design guidelines and works across all devices. It is completely free and has no paid versions. Thus, you can’t expect additional features at better alternatives of the application.


5. QuickEdit Text Editor

Unlike other apps, QuickEdit focuses on performance and still has almost all features of an integrated development environment. It supports more than 50 languages and can help you edit files larger than 10k lines. The app allows easy navigation with tabs, line indentation and vertical/horizontal scrolling. It also has inbuilt preview for HTML and Markdown files. Moreover, you can also edit system files on rooted devices. Like other editors, it also helps you access and edit data from FTP, Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox.



There are hundreds of other apps on the play store but only a few provide the features like the above apps. The office suites by Microosoft, WPS Office and others are powerful apps but are overkill as text editors. On the other hand, note taking apps like Evernote and OneNote focus only on user notes and cannot help you focus on your writing. They are also useless when it comes to code editing. You can use DroidEdit if you’re looking for a simple and powerful code editor and Monospace IA Writer are the best options for minimal text and note taking.