How to Connect Samsung Galaxy S3 to TV Wirelessly

In this article we will tell you how to connect Samsung Galaxy S3 to TV wirelessly. Here’s the complete procedure:

Android Smartphone are an excellent way to take all your private and important files, images, data, and all other imperative data with you. Thus we can declare that it is one of the finest gadgets in our pocket which has plenty of information regarding you. Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the best phones launched by Samsung. It Contains 1.4 GHz Cortex-A9 Quad-core processor with 1 GB RAM, Android 4.0.4 ICS, 8MP Rear and 2MP Front camera, and many more exciting features.

The easiest way to connect your Samsung Galaxy S3 to TV wirelessly by using All Share app. All Share app is pre-installed in all of the Samsung Smart TV, but if you don’t have a Samsung Smart TV then you can purchase an All Share device and you can use access all of your data on your TV.

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We are not responsible if anything wrong happens in between the process. And just to be sure we would like to remind you that this article is only for Samsung Galaxy S3, so don’t try it on any other mobile phone & if you want to try it, then do it on your own risk.


Make sure that you’ve backed up all of the necessary data, so that if anything wrong happens then you can restore your backup.

Steps to connect Samsung Galaxy S3 to TV wirelessly are:

Step 1: Setup All Share on your phone-
Make sure that your TV is connected to your Samsung Galaxy S3 using the same WIFI. It’s a mandatory step that you must have to follow.

And make sure that you have the file sharing enabled in your Samsung Galaxy S3. To do this open Setting-> More Setting-> Nearby Device-> and check the “File Sharing” option.

Now open the All Share app on your Samsung Galaxy S3. Now you can use your existing account, if you have one, or you can create a new one.

Step 2: Setup All Share on TV-

Launch SmartHub & go to All Share app. And then login to your account that you’ve used on your Samsung Galaxy S3.

Setup is now completed.

Step 3: Stream Media on your TV-

There are 2 methods to stream media from your Samsung Galaxy S3 to TV.

Method 1: Via TV-

You can stream media in your TV using the TV only. With the help of DLNA, you can access your Samsung Galaxy S3’s entire media gallery.

Select one of the three categories (videos, photos and music), and then select your Samsung Galaxy S3 and you can see all of your media content on your TV.

The connection speed totally depends on the speed of your WIFI. And for some more options you can use tools button on your TV remote.

Method 2: Via Samsung Galaxy S3-

Another method for streaming media content on your TV is through your Samsung Galaxy S3. By using this method you need not to open the SmartHub app. You can steam any of the three kinds of media (videos, audios and photos) using your Samsung Galaxy S3 only.

Just Sign in to your account and open any video, audio or photo and then click on the icon showing arrow on screen. And you can see that your media content is on your TV.

So in this way you can access all of your media content to your TV. But if you don’t have the smart TV then no need to be worry you still can use these features on your TV using the All Share device that connects you Samsung Galaxy S3 to your TV and then you can stream all of your media content.

Hope this article about How to Connect Samsung Galaxy S3 to TV Wirelessly helped you.


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