What does Android Rooting Mean

In this article we will tell you what does Android Rooting Mean. Here’s the complete detail.

Rooting” an Android device means to get the “Superuser” authority for having full rights and consents to the particular Android device’s software. After attainment of such user privileges, one will achieve the ability to install custom ROMs, can increase device’s performance, enhance battery life, load custom themes, etc. You may also compare “Rooting” with “Hacking” the Android device hardware. While in the case of Apple iPhones, it may correspond to “Jailbreaking” the iPhone.

One may have heard about rooting an Android device. After rooting a device, you’ll attain full access to your entire system, and then can easily run all those unpermitted apps which you couldn’t previously since they need root permissions. Rooting will also assist you to manage app permissions, enable Tethering, and disable bloatware, etc.

Why is it known as Rooting?

What does Android Rooting MeanThe word “Root” has been derived from the Linux/Unix world. In Linux/Unix, the term “Root” is exercised to describe such a person who has got the “Superuser” permissions and rights to all programs and files in the Operating System. Since he has the “Superuser” authority, therefore, this user can modify or change any software code on his device.

Benefits by Rooting an Android device

  • Through rooting, you can get access into your Android device’s internal file system, and thus you can also make potent modifications in them.
  • One may feel some sort of irritation when he gets undesired default apps in his Android device by the manufacturers and that too without any uninstall option. In this case, using rooting you can easily remove the unwanted apps from your device.
  • Rooting will also benefit by improving the performance and also by enhancing the speed of operating system of your Android device.
  • Through rooting you can update your Android device, without asking for permission from the manufacturer, using custom ROMs and upgrades.
  • It will surely increase battery pack up of an Android device.
  • Rooting also enhances the visual experience of your device.
  • Through rooting, you can upgrade the Basebands on your Android device.

Pre-Requisite of Rooting an Android device

  1. For successful completion of a rooting process, you must charge your phone up to a minimum of 75% – 80% battery.
  2. You must take a back-up of all your personnel items and other impotent data, such as Call Logs, SMS, Contacts, Audios, Images, Videos, APN (Access Point Names) settings, Bookmarks, MMS settings, on your Android device.
  3. Please ensure that all your security suites, like firewall and antivirus, on your Android device as well as on computer must be disabled.
  4. You must enable USB Debugging mode on your Android device. For that just follow, Settings –> Applications –> Development –> USB debugging. There select the USB Debugging icon.

We hope now you  know What does Android Rooting Mean.

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