Phicomm Mobile Hard Reset

Having problem with your Phicomm mobile. Here is generic tutorial on how to unlock or hard reset Phicomm Android mobile phone. T hese are common unlock and reset methods. To hard reset specific Phicomm smartphone model, select model from list below and check details.

Table of Content
  1. Phicomm Mobile List
  2. Hard Reset
  3. Factory Reset
  4. Reset Using Google Find My Device

List of Phicomm Mobile Models

  • Phicomm C1230L
  • Phicomm C1530L
  • Phicomm C230lw
  • Phicomm C230t
  • Phicomm C230v
  • Phicomm C230w
  • Phicomm C520
  • Phicomm C530
  • Phicomm C630lw
  • Phicomm C730Lw
  • Phicomm Clue L
  • Phicomm Clue M
  • Phicomm E550w
  • Phicomm E551
  • Phicomm E651
  • Phicomm E653
  • Phicomm E670Lw
  • Phicomm Energy L
  • Phicomm FWS610
  • Phicomm FWS620
  • Phicomm FWS650
  • Phicomm FWS710
  • Phicomm FWS810
  • Phicomm FWS910
  • Phicomm i300
  • Phicomm i310v
  • Phicomm i330v
  • Phicomm i360
  • Phicomm i370
  • Phicomm i370w
  • Phicomm i380w
  • Phicomm i508
  • Phicomm i600
  • Phicomm i600w
  • Phicomm i700
  • Phicomm i700v
  • Phicomm i700w
  • Phicomm i800
  • Phicomm i800v
  • Phicomm i803
  • Phicomm i803w
  • Phicomm i810t
  • Phicomm i813
  • Phicomm i813w
  • Phicomm K210v
  • Phicomm K390w
  • Phicomm K528t
  • Phicomm P660L
  • Phicomm P680L
  • Phicomm X100w

Hard reset wipes out all the data on mobile phone. Following data is completely deleted on hard reset.

  • Settings
  • System Data
  • App data
  • Downloaded Apps
  • SMS
  • Music
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • WhatsApp Data
  • Call Records
  • Network Settings

Hard reset fixes many problems like slow mobile phone, frequest restart, virus infection, frequent hanging or freezing, memory usage etc.

Hard Reset

  • Power off Phicomm mobile using Power button.
  • After Phicomm smartphone is switched off, press Power and Volume Up button together and hold them.
  • After few seconds, phone will boot and you will see Phicomm or Android logo.
  • When you see boot options, release all the buttons at that time.
  • Navigate to wipe data/factory reset option using Volume buttons.
  • Press Power button to confirm it.
  • You will see Yes and No option on screen to wipe all the data. Select Yes using Volume button and press on Power
  • button to confirm it.
  • Next you will get option to reboot system. Select Reboot System Now option using Volume buttons and press on Power button.
  • This will reboot phone and complete hard reset of Phicomm mobile.

Factory Reset

If your Phicomm smartphone is properly responding to its display screen then attempt this method. This method is much preferred.

Step 1

Firstly go the Home screen of your Phicomm, and there select the Menu icon.

Step 2

In the Menu option, select the Settings icon.

Step 3

Next, in the Settings option, select the Privacy icon.

Step 4

Now, under the above selected option, touch the Factory Data Reset icon.

Step 5

There select the Reset Phone option.

Step 6

Finally, touch and select the Erase Everything option to wipe off all of the data and all the information from your phone memory.

Step 7

After the completion of this process, Phicomm will reboot to finish the reset process.

Reset Phicomm Mobile using Google Find My Device

There is an option to reset Phicomm phone using Google Find My Device service. This is useful when you have lost your phone and want to reset phone from remote place.

Here is instructions to reset device remotely.

  • Open Google Find My Device service in a browser.
  • If you are not logged into Google, you will be asked to login. Login using your Google username and password.
  • After logging in you will see three options such as Play Sound, Secure Device and Erase Device.
  • Click on Erase Device option.
  • Now you will see Erase All Data option.
  • Now select Erase option and click on it.
  • This will wipe all data on Phicomm mobile remotely.

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