10 Ways to Make your Android Phone Battery Last Longer

In our modern age where the young and old must have phones, most of the people have Android phone and they find that their phone batteries drain out all too quickly. These devices are packed with a ton of features from the manufacturers.

Many android phones still have small batteries and due to that people are not able to use their phones in emergencies because their battery is totally finished. So today I will tell you 10 ways which I use to make my android battery last longer.

1. Use 2G Network

When you are not browsing internet or don’t use 3G or 4G or live in a place where 3G is not available or you are connected to WiFi then you should only use 2G network which increases at least 5-10 % of battery life. To do so go to->Settings->Wireless Networks->Mobile Networks-> Use only 2G

2. Reduce display Brightness and turn off auto-brightness

Reducing display brightness is a great way to save battery as display is the main element which eats most of battery. Reducing the brightness of display helps to get more out of your battery. Even if you turn-off auto brightness and adjust brightness according to the surroundings then also you can save some battery as auto brightness uses sensors and sensors use battery.

3. Use dark Backgrounds if you have an AMOLED display

AMOLED display can do anything it takes to make colors perfect and bright for you and they can even consume lots of battery to do so. That is why it is suggested to use a dark background in AMOLED display so as to reduce the battery consumption.

4. Turn of all the wireless features when not needed

Turning of all the wireless features such as Wi-fi, Bluetooth and GPS when not needed proves as a game changer and can drastically increase the battery life of your phone. That is because if the Wi-Fi is not connected then it will search for new connections regularly and it is the same with Bluetooth.

5. Take your charger as well as USB cable when travelling

We all do a lot of traveling with our android devices and that is why problems arise for lack of battery life. I advice everyone to always carry their charger and the USB cable with themselves and charge their phones. You might be thinking why we should carry USB cables? Well, when you are on a flight there are less chances that you will find an empty plug point but on every seat there is a personal USB Slot where you can plug your device for charging!

6. Turn off vibration function

Vibration is something many people like whereas many people hate. And I am from the ones who hate it as it creates an annoying sound and drinks a lots of battery juice. It is suggested to turn off vibration as its’ mechanism uses a lot of battery.

7. Kill Background Apps

Usually people using Android don’t close the applications properly, they just press the home button and leave the application running in the background which leads to CPU usage and that leads to battery usage. Killing the background apps helps a lot of users to increase their battery life

8. Set the screen timeout time to the shortest time possible

Setting the screen timeout time to the shortest time possible will turn of the screen after a specific time of inactivity and will help you to get more out of your battery.

9. Put your phone on Airplane mode when not used

Putting your device in airplane mode helps you to use your device while you are traveling in an airplane and it also switches off all the network and wireless features which helps you to save lots of battery life.

10. Put device into stand by mode

Putting your device in standby mode helps you to save 30% of your battery, in this mode you will receive calls and messages. To do so press the power button and the display will be switched off.

The above were the methods which I use to save battery for my device and it proves very useful. If you know any other way by which you can save battery, then do tell us in the comment section below.

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