M4vgear Review:Convert Itunes Video Into DRM Free Format

M4Vgear has attained itself quite a name for itself for removing DRM (Digital Rights Management) to convert iTunes M4V video, TV shows, etc. into DRM free format with perfect output quality. It is endowed with acute functionality and hence an extremely potent software. M4VGear for Mac is unique and special, it can reserve 5.1 surrounding sound effect, all audio tracks and subtitles as well as keep 100% video quality.


Digital rights management (DRM) is an aspect that may unnerve you when you are dealing with downloading of digital content and devices. On iTunes all files are DRM protected that are downloaded and can be transferred only into Apple devices. So it makes it impossible to be shared with other androids or tabs and smartphones.

But this problem may be resolved by involving DRM video converting software that removes the DRM, not by hacking, but legally, so that it may be shared on multiple devices.

The Veracity of M4VGear: Review:

Let us now gauge for ourselves the veracity of the product- M4VGear. At the very onset, you must be curious as to why among a host of other such software, M4Ggear has attained such zeniths. The reason for this has been cited below. Read on-

Advantages of M4VGear: 

1.      Amazingly Fast

M4Ggear is the fasted DRM converter. It uses a unique decrypting technology that helps effective removal of DRM from the movies, TV shows, music videos and other such media files. The speed is 20X faster than any ordinary software in the market. It has the feature of batch conversion and hence you can simply choose the files that have to be converted and simply get the job done.

2.      Restores Original Quality of Sound and Picture

When the software was tested on a particular file- the movie Battleship, 1080p, 4.77GB and duration of 2hours and 11 minutes- it was seen that the original picture clarity and sound quality has been kept intact as the original download. Even subtitles and multiple languages and audio tracks including AC3 Dolby 5.1 are restored by this software. It took 15 minutes to convert this video, as compared to other software that took over two hours without guarantee of sound and picture quality.

3.      Effective on Rentals as well as Purchases

If you are converting rentals or purchases, you can use this software conveniently. Even iTunes extra works conveniently with it. So you are eliminated from downloading the video on another device separately.

4.      Completely Compatible

Other DRM removal software often has compatibility problems and Mac OS X Mavericks, as well as iTunes 11, pose a great challenge for them. But not to worry, the M4VGear is compatible with these platforms. Apart from this at each step the software will be consistently upgraded for every new platform. So whatever may be platform, the M4Vgear is ready for it!

5.      Excellent Customer Service

Most software in the markets is good, but many lack the technical and customer service which makes them impotent. Not so with M4Vgear; it has the promise of lifelong technical support associated with it. It also boasts of cent per cent secured downloading and availability on the email.  Within sixty days, if you feel dissatisfied with the software, you can get your money back.


Some people are of the opinion that this DRM removal software is based for iTunes and can only transfer MP4 videos with AAC audio. There are not many customization options.

The Verdict

Priced at $49.95, the software is extremely robust. Even though it is restricted to the Apple store, the speed with which it converts outweighs all other cons. Just imagine, the same video that is converted in two hours will be converted only in twenty minutes with this software. This is the reason why many users relied on this software!

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