Custom ROM Update for Samsung Galaxy Ace S 5830 Droid Ace Cyanogen Mod 7.2

In this article we will tell you about custom ROM update for samsung galaxy ace s 5830 droid ace cyanogen Mod 7.2. Here’s the details.

The latest version of the Cyanogen Mod 7.2 ensures you get the best performance and best use of the interface, and this is the reason Samsung galaxy Ace users can download this on their phones. Even though, Samsung Galaxy Ace is not officially entitled to this update, one can get it via the firmware made custom for the latest device.

The ROM comes as a boon from one of the XDA forum developers in the market, popularly known as Masterex567. Let us now see how to apply this latest Android 4.0 update on your Ace Smart.

Features of Cyanogen Mod 7.2

Added features you can get with the firmware

1. Fire kennel OC

2. Faster performance in terms of GPS locking

3. Adrenaline boost app

4. Bravia engine

5. A lot of free space on the Rom

6. And more than 80 MB internal memory free

Custom ROM Update for Samsung Galaxy Ace S 5830 Droid Ace Cyanogen Mod 7.2Check these aspects before applying this firmware in the device

To get your device proper updated, you will need the following prerequisites. Check the following-

  • If you are planning to apply this firmware on your device then in the exact beginning you need to update the Samsung device to DDKQ8 followed by the rooting of the same. The rooting is of paramount importance so that this ROM may be applied to your phone.
  • You will have to keep a complete back up for your data. This has to be done from before hand.
  • You will also need to enable the option called USB debugging, and this may be done in the following process- go to Settings, then to Applications then to Developments and then finally to USB debugging. As you choose the last option, a tick will appear beside it.
  • Check for the life of the battery. Anything less than sixty will not be enough to get the entire process done smoothly. In case,  your battery is not being able to hold onto the charge visit the nearby Samsung Care gallery and solve this problem.

As you check the following list, you are ready to apply the firmware in your device. Rest of the process is pretty easy!

The process of updating

As you follow the following steps you will be able to get the latest ROM update.

Step 1

The precise first step will be to download the software- Samsung Galaxy Ace 5830 custom firmware- on your computer. Next you will have to connect the mobile device to the computer, place zip file in the root of the memory card of your phone.

Step 2

As soon as you finish copying the files you will have to remove your phone from the computer. Then you will have to go to the recovery mode of your device

Step 3

Entering the recovery mode can be done by choosing the menu button, volume down and power button.

In the recovery mode,  you will have to go to the option called-“install zip from sd card”. Next you will have to select “zip from SD card” option.

Step 4

After this,  the following step will be to select the downloaded software. Remember one aspect, in this recovery mode the volume up-down key helps in moving up and down and the power key serves to highlight the option you want to choose.

Step 5

After the process of selection of the files is complete, it takes only couple of minutes to apply the update. After application,  you will have to go to the recovery screen and choose the option for rebooting. The process of booting will be done with the firmware.

So update your device and get the best performance from your Samsung Ace Smart.


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